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Far Eastern Institute of Professional Advancement provides environmental protection education courses taught in English

Far Eastern Institute of Professional Advancement  (Education License 25Л01 № 0000966, registration № 268  11/26/2015) provides education services for  managers and specialists of environment protection departments.

Course (workshop) is carried out in English in compliance with Russian Federation legislation with the assistance of principal environmental specialists including government environmental services.

This course is an obligation for all managers and personnel who is responsible for environmental measures according to Federal Law #7 01|/10/2002 “Environment Protection” article 73 and Federal Law #89 06/24/1998 “Industrial and Municipal Waste Management” article 15.

The course takes 1 day of auditorial lectures.

After the course all the partisipants will get the newest Russian environmental legislation aspects, pass the qualification test and will receive official qualification certificate.